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We have you covered! We know how difficult and overwhelming it can be to deal with an insurance company, that is why we represent the policyholder against their own insurance company during the claim process. Forget about the confusing policy language! Our certified public adjusters will do the hard work so you can have peace of mind to enjoy your life and the happy moments with your loved ones.

Residential Services​

Property damages have no set date or time, that is why our public adjusters are dedicated to work closely with clients during the whole process of their property claim from start to finish. We go the extra mile and respond immediately to reviewing your insurance policy, identifying and documenting all your property losses in order to ensure you have appropriate claim settlement in the least amount of time. There’s no damage too big for us, we have extensive experience providing high standard claims adjustment services.

Commercial Services

One of the most stressful business property situations is when a building suffers property damage. This chaotic process requires effort and time you may not have. From making sure the claim is filed correctly to getting the correct and maximum insurance recovery settlement in the shortest time is just enough to shake your world. If this happens to you, it may be a good moment to bring in a Public Adjuster to get your life and business back on track. 

Meanwhile you are focusing on your business, our team of professional commercial claim adjusters can handle all aspects of property insurance claims to get you the maximum compensation of your claim on your behalf.

Insurance Appraiser Services

If you believe that the insurance company’s estimate of damages is not reliable with your estimate of damages, appraisal may be the services you need to get a superior settlement in your claim. Insurance Appraisal is a way policyholders can take when they are feeling that their Insurance company is not providing a fair claim award for the damages they’ve suffered. Most policies have an appraisal clause, you can typically find it in your policy under the conditions or what to do after a loss section. If you have difficulty getting it, call us, we can assist you.


Water Damage

You will be provided with the very best assistance

From leaks to flooding, water damage is one of the most common types of personal losses you can face as a property owner, and the public adjusters from The Golden Claim are here to help you during the process. You might not know for sure how much you would spend restoring your house or business after water damage. So a good and fair settlement is always good news in such a terrible moment. Water damage deals with:

  • Burst pipes.
  • Plumbing leaks.
  • Sudden or accidental discharge
  • Sewer backup & overflow


We walk you through every part of the claims process

You deserve to live in a healthy, happy and mold-free home. Mold not only impacts your health, but it also causes property damage, so don’t let it destroy everything you’ve worked for. Fixing mold damage can be very expensive, but expert consultation from our public adjusters team can make the difference! Contact us today for a free inspection if your home has recently been attacked by mold damage!


Let our experts inspect the flood damage loss for you

Flood damage not only destroys your property but also can cost thousands in repairs. When it comes to flood damage, your property losses can be related to items such as walls, drywall, flooring materials, electrical, plumbing, furniture, HVAC and even to personal property such as clothes, electronic devices and items of sentimental value. We know how difficult and overwhelming it is to deal with the process of a flood claim, therefore being assisted by our qualified public adjuster ensures the policyholders they will get the most out of their claims.


We are committed to help our clients to get their home back to normal

Windstorms, hail, fire, explosions, sinkholes and hurricanes can cause serious damage to your roof and lead to worse damages to the rest of your property. When you’re dealing with this kind of large-scale property losses, you just don’t want to know anything about complicated and overwhelming claim processes, and you shouldn’t have to. That is why we focus on taking the stress off your shoulders and getting the maximum compensation you deserve.

Common types of roof damage:

  • Hail
  • Windstorm
  • Hurricane damage
  • Tornado damage


Disasters are unpredictable but they can be fixed!

Hurricane damage can be devastating. In some cases, the damage may be so severe that property owners feel they have no choice but to start over. But before you surrender, give our team a call, share your situation and we’ll make sure your property gets back to normal.

The public adjusters at The Golden Claim offer comprehensive hurricane claims assessments which includes extensive analysis of your policy coverage and a detailed inspection of all damages, whether apparent or not. Extreme weather doesn’t always need to cause extreme stress.


We have the experience and expertise to file your claims so you get the maximum payout as quickly as possible

Your insurance company will strive to pay as little as possible for your hail damage claim and it may not cover all the damages. Hail not only refers to roof damage, it also affects other parts of your property. Typically include outer structure damage, damage to water pipes, and damage to doors, windows, and furniture. Contact us today if you need compensation from your insurance policy due to hail damage. Our team of experts work next to you to get you the most for your property.


The Golden Claim public adjusters will help policyholders to get their properties back to normal

Fires can happen for a number of reasons and it is almost impossible to anticipate one. We understand how devastating a property fire can be for you and your loved ones. The most important step you can take is to get you and your family safe and call emergency services. Once you are safe it’s time to file a claim. Even though this is a stressful situation, insurance companies expect you to report a claim as soon as possible. Don’t worry! Call The Golden Claim public adjusters today if you are the victim of fire damage in your home or business, we can handle any fire damage claim all around Florida. Our professional team will help you with the insurance claim process from start to finish.


We proudly serve families and businesses to ensure their lives are back on track right away

At The Golden Claim, we strongly believe that safety and security are the most important things for policyholders. No matter what was taken or destroyed, theft and vandalism can be a traumatic moment. But the proper conduction of this type of claim will secure you the settlement you deserve to get your peace of mind. We will be next to you from the very beginning so that you won’t be alone through this frustrating situation. Call us now or send us an email to start your claim.


Losing income? Our public adjusters help on loss of business and rental income claims

Loss of income is considered the period when the normal flow of work is partially  interrupted due to natural disasters or other property damages. During the time of this interruption, it’s normal to experience significant negative impact. Unpaid bills, employees unable to get paid, and your business is not able to generate money. You are entitled to compensation for any damage to your property, you can count on us, we will fight to get the best possible settlement for your loss of rental or business income.


Cracks in your wall or floor, we can help, maybe it's a sinkhole…

Do you know that the state of Florida is one of the first states where more sinkhole damage occurs?

The first sign is structural cracking in the walls or the floor, the doors or windows begin to not fit well in their frames, or you begin to see how the earth is hollowing out as if it were being consumed internally by the ground of your property, If you see these signs, run to call us, we can help you right away and consult your policy to see if you have that coverage, consider that normally the sinkhole is a coverage that is not included in the policies and you must request it.